segunda-feira, maio 21, 2012

Presenting the blog!

Hi, as you can see, this is the first post, and I'll present the blog:
    Why the name is Fashion Cities? Because me and my friend, Isabel, we are in love with fashion, and cities, because we want  travel a lot and want to tell here :P
    The  idea came when we saw things very beautiful and VERY CHEAP! So we'll post here things about fashion, lifestile, and beauty.
    One of the other utilities is to make quick posts with looks of everyday life, which serves to inspire, and we think one of the most interesting things.
   Who will post? Unfortunately we will not post most of the time together, cause, Bel (her cute nickname) lives in Rio de Janeiro and I live in Sao Paulo, but we always see during the holidays and sometimes on birthdays.
Anyway, we hope you like it!

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